The Pizza Kitchen range by Chicago Town – making tea times tasty and quick

The time between the school run and bed time seems to be getting shorter with homework and after school clubs so finding a quick and tasty dinner for the kids is really important. This week I was invited to try the new The Pizza Kitchen range from Chicago Town. The range consists of four new flavours, Cheese Medley, Deli Pepperoni, Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables. I wasn’t able to find the Garden Vegetables one in my local supermarkets so we haven’t tried that one but we were very impressed with the quantity of toppings on the others.

Each of the Pizza Kitchen pizzas took 15 minutes or less to cook which means that are a perfect dinner on a weeknight and with the new deli crisp crust that tastes a bit like tiger bread the kids didn’t even leave me any of the two I originally cooked for us to share.

I have never known them both to eat their crusts without having a sauce to dip them in but they really enjoyed these ones and both commented on how nice they were without any prompting.

Usually when we have pizza I have to add extra pepperoni and cheese so I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of toppings on the Pizza Kitchen range which meant you had a bit of pepperoni in every bite on the Deli Pepperoni pizza.

As the kids managed to eat all of the Deli Pepperoni and the Cheese Medley pizza between them I decided to cook myself the Roasted Chicken pizza. It isn’t a topping that I would normal choose but it was really good with lots of vegetables and chicken.

The Pizza Kitchen range will certainly become a regular in our freezer for those days where we just need something quick and tasty that the whole family will enjoy. Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen range has a rrp of £3 each which I think is a good price for the size, quality and toppings.  You can find out more about the Pizza Kitchen range on the Chicago Town website.