Finding Dory Dobble – available now

We love playing Dobble as it is an easy game to play no matter how old you are as it is purely based on your observation skills. As Dobble comes in a little tin it is perfect for taking on holidays and is a great travel game for the car too. Last week we were sent a new version of Dobble which is under the Finding Dory license.

Dobble Finding Dory Tin

Each Dobble card features a variety of images that feature characters from the movie and other relevant pictures.

Dobble Finding Dory Open

The aim of the game is to match an image on your card with an image on the last card played before another player. The first person to get rid of all of their cards are the winner. As you place the cards you have to say out loud what the image you are matching is so that everyone is clear on whether the card was laid correctly.

The cards are made from good quality cardboard and the images were lovely and clear. They feature Dory and Nemo as well as characters from the new film which we can’t wait to see. The girls really love playing with Dobble and Finding Dory Dobble and as it is something they can play together without any adult input they get it out quite frequently.

I would definitely recommend Dobble to families, adults and just anyone who likes observation or memory games.