Pokemon Go – A Mums guide to why it is awesome

As a child I loved playing the pokemon games on my Gameboy (yes I am that old) however I feel that I am now a bit old to be seen playing a handheld console in public so when I heard about the new Pokemon Go app that you use on your phone I decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately due to some server issues (as demand is so high) there has been a delay in the rollout of Pokemon Go to the UK. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get hold of however so after a quick google I found a way and downloaded the app to my phone. Now after two days in London and very achey feet I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what I think.

The whole idea behind Pokemon Go is that pokemon are loose in the real world and you need to use the app and walk around and find them. This means that gamers can no longer stay at home in their bedrooms. pokemongoaccshop.com can provide you can information you need to progress in the game. When I downloaded the app I saw that there were some pokemon just around the corner so I had to leave my house in the rain to go and catch them. I mean I couldn’t leave the wild pokemon there taunting me could I? Unfortunately, there are no Pokespots or Pokegyms near my house although Manchester city centre and London are full of them (the only two locations I have been since downloading the app).

pokemon go home

Many of my grown up friends have fitbits or other smart watch devices that count their steps and make them want to get up and about but none of these have worked for me. However with the idea that going for a walk could increase my pokemon collection I am all for it! In fact, for the last 48 hours I have found myself ignoring the underground and instead walking between my destinations. If the number of eggs I have hatched have anything to go by I have walked well over 15km just today, no wonder my feet are aching.

When using the Pokemon Go app there are three main things that you need to keep in mind.

The first is that you can find wild pokemon anywhere, I even caught one in Pret yesterday morning whilst buying my breakfast. If you see rustling leaves there is a very good chance that if you hang around you will encounter a wild pokemon.

Pokemon go Jiggly puff

The second thing is that you need to find Pokestops to gain objects, these are connected to signs, points of interest, monuments etc.  I have been amazed at all of the interesting places I have seen in just 48 hours with this app. Places I have walked past many times that are now pokestops have filled me with wonder. I have seen where Alfred Hitchcock lived and where Oscar Wilde wrote a play, I have looked at monuments with new eyes and even wandered a few public gardens looking at the various pieces of art all in the pursuit of more pokeballs.

The third thing is Pokegyms. When you reach level 5 you get to choose which team you will be on from the three teams –Valor (red), Instinct (yellow) and Mystic (blue). Pokegyms are controlled by these teams and you can train in a gym that belongs to your team or battle in gyms belonging to other teams to try and gain control of them.

Pokemon Go gym

I am not a lover of exercise but even I can see that Pokemon Go will make me walk further and also make journeys a lot more interesting. Just walking around London from one meeting to another can take me past quite a few Pokespots and put me face to face with lots of Pokemon as well as battle it out at the Pokegyms.

After just 48 hours of playing Pokemon Go I can see why it is being talked about so much and when the Pokemon Go Plus comes out (a watch type device allowing you to catch Pokemon without your phone) it will be even better. I could go more into evolving your pokemon, hatching eggs and how to battle or train in the gym but really that stuff is quite fun for you to work out by yourself and if not there are a lot more technical articles and how to guides to get you started. However if you just wanted to know what Pokemon Go was all about then I hope this has helped you understand why your kid will want it (and why you should download it too!)

All we need now is an official launch date for the UK so you can all join in the fun!

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Go – A Mums guide to why it is awesome”

  1. I’ve just got in from the park with my toddler. I am loving it sounds daft but it’s helping my depression getting out and about as well.

  2. Leah and I took our first pokemon walk this morning in our local high street, subsequently 45 minutes before it seems to have been released in the UK. I wonder how busy our high street will be now with people out hunting pokemon? We found the app to be great, Leah loved collecting things from pokestops and then capturing pokemon in the pokeballs, shes hooked…. Me? I want my phone back – thank god nursery starts in half an hour!

  3. I’m rather liking the Pokemon game. The teen was late home from school today as everyone was out in the streets searching for Pokemon ‘things’. Apparently, there were 2 Pokemons (Pokemen?) in the RE classroom earlier today!

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