Family friendly toiletries

Recently we have been sent a variety of different children’s toiletries and I wanted to share my thoughts on the ones we have reviewed.

Childs Farm

We were sent a variety of Childs Farm products that included a lotion, wash, bubble bath and a detangler. All of the childs farm products are suitable for eczema prone skin and smell great with citrus fragrances that are strong but not overpowering. All of the products are child friendly and the girls like them. The detangler does leave the hair looking slightly greasy so I don’t use it if we are off out anywhere special but it does help with the knots and it smells great.

Anovia Head On

Now I don’t know about you but my girls seem to get little friends in their hair every other week and it was costing me a fortune in treatments so I put a shout out and I was sent these Anovia products. Anovia is a budget brand head lice repellent with tea tree oil. I have used the 3 in 1 and the detangling shampoo on myself  as well as the girls and it has a mild tea tree smell. The 3 in 1 leave in conditioning spray has been fantastic on Elizabeth’s dry hair but mine is quite greasy normally so I have not used it myself. They seem to work well and we use them every other wash.


On our hunt for an answer to our little visitors problem we were sent these teangi products. These are a lot stronger smelling than the Anovia brand and I actually found that this helped to clear up the last lot of head lice we had.

The girls don’t enjoying using this as much because it is stronger so we use this once a week to really ensure that their hair is clean and free from visitors. The spray on non rinse conditioner doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the girls hair once dry so I don’t mind using it if we are due to go out unlike the cheaper version.

Good Bubble

Good Bubble are a great range of child friendly products with fabulous fruity smells. I have used both the shampoo and conditioner on my hair and it was absolutely brilliant. The girls love using these products because they look friendly and smell wonderful.

Dry skin issues

Ever since Elizabeth finished her treatment she has suffered from extremely dry skin. It doesn’t seem to hurt her but it is very dry. I have used bioskin junior which is a daily nourishing spray and I can’t say that I found any difference. Her skin didn’t get drier but it also didn’t get better. The other item I was sent was sent is Lanolips Golden Ointment which has been an absolute godsend. We have used this on Elizabeth’s face which is the driest place on her body and the difference has been phenomenal. We have used it for a few days once daily at night time and it makes her skin feel amazing. It also smells like honey with is delicious and Elizabeth likes me putting it on her which makes a change.

and relax!

I am not just sent things for the kids, occasionally I get something wonderful for me too. I am absolutely loving this Aromatherapy associates bath and shower oil. I was sent Inner Strength which smelt amazing and even Hubby noticed the smell after I got out of the bath. It wasn’t greasy on my hair and my skin felt amazing and to make it better I slept really well that night. The bottle has enough for 20 baths which is great as I am looking forward to many more relaxing soaks.