Epic Escapes- The escape room in a box AD

We are huge fans of Escape Rooms but despite trying a lot of different escape room type games that you can play at home there has always been something missing. We enjoyed Escape Room the Game as that came with a timer and the keys but it was missing the finding element that we enjoy so much. We have also tried some of the board game or card-based games such as Unlock and Exit but none of them really compare to the real thing. Epic Escapes reached out and asked if we wanted to review their escape room in a box and with a fairly hefty price tag of £99 I have to say that I had high expectations.

The Epic Escapes Escape Room in a box comes with three different escape rooms in the box and they will be releasing more expansion packs in the future. The three included games are Crime, Piracy and Hijack and are different levels of difficulty.

As well as the envelopes for each of the Escape Rooms the Epic Escape box also contains two wooden boxes with a logo on the top and metal catches, a door padlock lockbox, a notepad and The New English Dictionary lockbox.

The New English Dictionary Lockbox is brilliant and looks realistic from the edges. All of the lockboxes and padlocks have details on how to change the codes and set them according to the instructions in the game packs.

There is also an envelope marked as Shared Components which includes two pencils, a sharpener, a UV pen and a UV light as well as three padlocks. You only need two of the padlocks so it is really good that they include a spare just in case.

I don’t want to spoil any of the Escape Rooms for anyone so I wont show too much or give away any of the puzzles but each of the game envelopes contain everything you need to solve the puzzles as well as an instruction booklet that talks you through setting up the game. It also gives some suggestions on where you could put the items but the great thing about these is you can hide the parts anywhere you want within the room.

The puzzles in the easiest game were easy to work out but complicated enough that you had to put some thought into solving them. The other games get harder and include a variety of other puzzles such as wooden pieces. The Epic Escapes Escape room in a box is eco friendly with barely any plastic and lots of reusable parts.

Overall I love this Escape room in a box. The components are all really good quality, the games have a great story behind them, you can set them up in a room of your choice and you can easily get replacement parts. I look forward to the expansion packs being released and I am going to take the most difficult one of these away with me on an adults weekend as a bit of fun.

If you are a fan of real life escape rooms and you would like to be able to recreate this experience at home with friends and family then this is the best Escape Room at home that I have ever seen and one I definitely recommend.