Downloadable 2013 Calendar

Its not often that I get sent something that makes me proud to be a blogger. It truly is amazing how far reaching bloggers have become. From bloggers heading of to Ghana for Red Nose Day to us talking on the radio or featuring in Newspapers, bloggers seem to be everywhere I look.

I was offered a free 2013 wall calendar from Survey compare I wondered how great it would really be and then when it arrived I was really pleasantly surprised.

The graphics on each and every page were amazing with this one in June being my favourite one.

Designed by Chris Thomas a freelance illustrator working in London. His bio stats that he spends too much time reading history books and enjoys feeding his brain with images. His image certainly fed my brain and I loved finding new things to look at like his toes peeking out of his shoes. I also love the fact that his clothes are patched and everything has holes in it but he has a huge smile on his face.

The next one that I loved was November. I love fireworks and the artwork on this is amazing. It is really reminiscent of fireworks exploding in the sky. What made this even better was when I saw the byline and realised that one of my favourite bloggers created this fabulous design. “Mummy . . . Mummy . . . MUM” was spot on for the perfect picture to display in November.

October was another month created by one of the bloggers I love to admire. I admire her crafts because I know I could never do any thing as creative as her. Red Ted Art was placed in October and the autumn colours and textures were perfect for this month. I love the fact that she used bubble wrap to create the leaves. As I said far too creative for me, I just pop the stuff and would never have considered painting with it.
Last but not least is March, just looking at this picture brings about thoughts of spring, the sun shining through the clouds, the butterflies dancing around the newly bloomed flowers  and lambs bouncing around in a field. Designed by Rainy Day Mum who is also another extremely creative blogger she gets creative with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers making everyday fun what ever the weather outside.

You can download the calendar on the link above and print it out for yourself but if you are going to do that don’t forget to mark the eighteenth of April. It is definitely one of the most important days of the year, it is my birthday and I expect presents, lots of presents.