I am so so sorry.

I feel really guilty

It doesnt mean anything honestly

I still love you

but I just couldnt resist

it was just too tempting

A whole 3 nights away and at only £59 how can anyone resist. I know its not going to be the same. Pontins just does not compare but it is in Wales and that is always a winner. So Butlins even though I will be staying with them remember I will be thinking about you and the girls will too but a holiday is a holiday and this was just too good and opportunity to resist. Plus there is free wine involved..

I do feel guilty but there was no way I could get accommodation in Wales for £59 for three nights and we love heading over there in the sunny weather. Mind you I now have to select a date and hope and pray that it doesnt rain. The voucher I got does restrict the dates we can go so I need to get my thinking head on and plan it well.

I managed to get this deal on Groupon and I was really impressed, OK I will need to pay for an upgrade because I dont really want to sleep in the living room but even the upgrades don’t cost that much and even if I went for the top Club standard accommodation it would only be an additional £40. Less than £100 for three nights in wales, even if you ignored all the facilities is it an amazing offer and made all the better by the fact that I was give a voucher for £60 to spend on anything I liked. Therefore its even cheaper.