DoodleJamz Jellyboard and Jellypics – AD

We were sent two of the brand new DoodleJamz boards from Character. DoodleJamz are available as Jellyboards and Jellypics. Available from Smyths Toys these boards are just £5 each and perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. If you love getting creative, playing with sensory items, fidgeting and drawing then these are the thing for you. Each DoodleJamz comes in a plastic frame with a shaping stylus and removable paper background.

Jellyboards are squishy drawing pads filled with non-toxic sensory gel. Jellyboards allow you to use the included tool ( or your fingers) to smooth out the gel, write or draw messages on it. Squish, sculpt, shape, create, erase and repeat! With two separate layers of coloured jelly it creates an amazing sensory touch and feel. Jellyboards have a double colour slime. We were sent the red and yellow one which doesn’t have as much of a contrast as the red and blue jelly one but it was still lots of fun.

Jellypics are filled with transparent gel and coloured beads to sculpt, mould and design. With Jellypics you use the tool to move around the coloured beads to create fun designs. Available with either red, purple and yellow beads or green, blue and yellow beads

Both of the DoodleJamz boards allow you to visit and print off your own card to be inserted. They each come with a double-sided backboard so you can choose the design for your creation or using the DoodleJamz website, you can upload your own picture or print one of the suggested designs.

Moving the beads around is really addictive and surprisingly therapeutic.

Whether you want to spend your time getting creative adding crazy details to the backer cards or separate all of the beads by colour

Both of the DoodleJamz are lots of fun but Jellypics are definitely my favourite. I just need to get some ink for my printer so I can print my own pictures and really get creative.