Doc McStuffins the “Doc is in!” Playset

When this parcel came through the door both girls were extremely excited. There are not many programs that they both agree to watch yet Doc McStuffin is one of them. The “Doc Is In!” Playhouse is made by Flair so I already had some great expectations on quality and durability.

It wasn’t long before I gave into their pestering and set about building the Clinic.
Actually I was pretty impressed, apart from opening some plastic bags, sticking on some stickers and attaching the base and the chimney there wasn’t much to it. Within a few short minutes I had finished but being a blogger my girls resisted the urge to play whilst I set it up for some fabulous photos and tested out all of the features.
The “Doc is in!” clinic comes with three figures, some furniture, a check up bed which has sound effects and a lift.

The Check up bed is the main interactive feature and it has two heart shapes for the figures to sit on. When either Lambie and Hallie sit on them they say popular phrases from the tv series.
You can also move the lift up and down to travel between the two floors.
One of the girls favourite features is the sign on the door. The sign allows you to change it so the Doc is in or out. The only problem with this is that it is made of cardboard so I can see it getting damaged easily.
The attention to detail on the figures and the stickers are fantastic and very much in keeping with the tv show. It is very sturdy and with the addition of a few more figures you could soon be acting out most of the episodes from the show.

There are a few features that I failed to notice until prompted by the children, for example you can make the fish in Doc’s fishtank move around  and make the phone ring by pressing it.

The set comes with 15 pieces which includes fabulous details like the little laptop, the mirror and the slide. These all add to the imaginative play and make this a fabulous toy for all Doc Mctuffins fans.

If I was to make one criticism it would be about the sticker placement. It always annoys me having to place my own stickers and placing them without guidelines in the toy just makes it even more stressful. However the instructions were clear about where to place them so you cant have everything!