Hotter Shoes making Summer Special

I hate summer!

Yeah I know weird aren’t I, I mean don’t get me wrong I love the hot weather and I love the sunshine but I hate strappy shoes and summer clothes. I always feel self conscious about what I am wearing as I never have any shoes that match and that feel comfortable on my feet.

Maxi dresses and trainers are not suitable attire apparently!

Unfortunately I have to lay my boots and trainers to rest and swap them for something more fitting and I was dreading it. I hate getting sore feet and blisters and after talking to Hotter Shoes they kindly sent me a fabulous pair of Kos Sandals in Black.
Now I know this should be a photo of the sandals on my feet but well feet are disgusting! I hate them so I don’t want any pictures of my feet on here even if they do look almost ok in the Kos Sandals. The best thing about Hotter shoes is that they are not just designed to look good but also to be comfortable. With comfort cushioning, adjustable straps and soft straps I know I will be enjoying the summer in style this year. I just need to find some clothes to match now!