Disney Aquabeads Minnie Mouse Playset

We were recently invited to work with Aquabeads as one of their selected Aquabeaders, a group of parent bloggers who will be reviewing their products over the coming months.


Aquabeads logo


The first product we were sent was the Disney Minnie Mouse Playset which is aimed at children aged 4 and above.

Aquabeads box


The Disney Aquabeads Minnie Mouse Playset comes with everything you need to create a selection of designs and features solid colour and jewel beads as well as added plastic accessories. The set comes with two different trays, the standard square tray, and a Minnie Mouse head shaped tray. It also comes with a sprayer, bead palette, design table, 3 template sheets and a bead pen.

Aquabeads contents

The bead pen really helps when creating the design as it makes it easier to pick up the beads and place them on the layout tray. The easy release button on the side means that the beads can be placed with precision and helps little fingers to create the design without the frustration seen when using other products.

aquabeads 2


The created designs look fantastic and I think the added bow decorations really help to bring the designs to life and the girls loved them. Their favourites had to be the head only designs which really do look amazing when finished.

aquabeads 1


The Aquabeads Minnie Mouse Playset is a great introduction to Aquabeads and the bead pen really helps younger children to get started. Now I know that some parents worry about small beads and young children but did you know that Aquabeads have added a bittering agent to their beads so that if a child places them in their mouths the taste encourages them to remove them straight away. This is a great feature but they recommend that children (and adults) wash their hands after playing and I definitely recommend that after I didn’t read that instruction and put my fingers in my mouth!