Crocs Rhonda Wedge Sandals

I love a good pair of sandals but always worry about the material getting ruined if I wear them at the beach or the swimming pool. When Crocs offered me a pair of shoes I decided that these Rhonda wedge sandals would be the best option.

Although they are called wedges they are only slightly raised at 1.5 inches so are suitable for all day wear. The sole of the shoes are squishy in places that absorbs the impact of walking and the textured part prevents your feet from slipping about too much.

The Crocs are made from Croslite™ material which makes them light and comfortable and as they are water proof I dont need to worry about them getting ruined if they get wet.

I am yet to wear them for a full day but can see that they may become uncomfortable if I had hot sweaty feet due to the material but I have yet to experience this.

All in all they look great, they are comfortable to wear and work well with casual or work clothes.