Crocs Light Up Shoes – making summer cool!

Alison has always loved Crocs and her camouflage pair from last year have seen a lot of use even during the winter around the house so when we were offered the chance to review the latest Light Up Crocs I knew she would love them. After having a look I knew she would love them even more when I saw that you can get them in a Lightening McQueen style! Luckily for me Crocs were kind enough to also send Elizabeth a pair in a butterfly style.
Each shoe features 5 or 6 Long-lasting LED lights (batteries are not replaceable). With each step the lights are activated and flash a few times in a pattern.

The designs are fantastic and the quality of the shoes are brilliant. There are lots of copies of Crocs clogs available but I have never found any to be as well made or as comfortable as these and the girls have both been able to wear them for the whole day walking around without blisters or moaning about them rubbing.

With the lights flashing away we have had lots of compliments on them as the girls ran around at the local park. It seems that parents and children alike absolutely love them and the Lightening McQueen style seem particularly popular.

The CrocsLights also come in a shark design which looks particularly cool and if you have a princess in the house then I am sure they will love this fantastic design which has now been placed on Elizabeth’s birthday wish list!