Alphabet Photo Project: A is for Alison, B is for bounce and C is for cancer.

Ok so I am late to the party but I have only just caught up on my blog reading and I have seen the lovely PODcast has started an alphabet photo project and I am really hoping it is one I can stick with.

A has to be for Alison who has progressed so much in her learning this week and has started to blend her words almost effortlessly now. Here she is doing a rubbing at Edinburgh Zoo.
B has to be for bounce! Elizabeth and Daddy had great fun on this bouncing pillow at a farm park in Ayr. They played on it for ages and it was brilliant to watch.
C was a tricky one and although I could have taken a picture of something easy i realised that this picture is the most poignant. For us C will always be Cancer. Well this week Elizabeth has able to have her hair tied up for the first time since she lost it all during chemotherapy. So cancer can bugger off and cuteness can take its place. Being able to wear her hair up really made her feel fabulous and we will now have to spend a small fortune buying her some fantastic hair accessories to take advantage of this.
I look forward to continuing in this project with D later this week.