Crazy Claw by Drumond Park

Whenever I go to the seaside or a holiday resort I can’t help myself when I see one of the grabby machines. I might not even want the cuddly toys but I still want to have a go. As soon as I saw that Drumond Park were releasing a game called Crazy Claw I got excited. For ages 5 plus and suitable for between 2 to 4 players Crazy Claw is a fast action game that is lots of fun.

crazy claw box

Now it is not all good. Crazy Claw came in lots of different pieces and I had to stick on lots of stickers, some of which were really quite tricky. Sticking stickers on toys has to be one of my main irritants when it comes to toys so having some complicated ones really didn’t help. Putting Crazy Claw together was fairly simple with the all in one plastic side panels just needing to be slotted into place on the base and then the lid placed on top.

crazy claw parts

My other issue is that once built Crazy Claw does not fit back into the box and you either need to put it back down or store it without its box which is not ideal. That being said the game play itself more than makes up for these failings.

crazy claw set up

The aim of the game is to collect the three tokens that match your card. The tokens are placed inside the balls and as you try to grab the balls the other players bash their handles to make all of the balls jump around.

crazy claw game

Crazy Claw is a really simple easy to play game with a competitive streak. It is great for improving memory and hand-eye coordination and is lots of fun for people of all ages to play. The claw is easy to operate and the balls are easy enough for small hands to open so they can play this game without adult supervision.

We had lots of fun playing this as a family and if your family love the arcade grabby machines then this could be perfect for you too.