Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

When I was at the toy fair back in January I kept walking past one particular stand and I couldn’t help having a play with the items they had on display. They were showing Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty.

Now not only is this stuff super tactile but you can bounce it, mould it, tear it, shatter it and so much more in fact the website includes loads of things to do with Thinking putty and some cool science experiments too.
I was sent three different types of Thinking Putty but there are a lot more including magnetic and Glow in the dark. The first one I received was the one on display at the Toy Fair. Super Scarab is from the super illusions series. Depending on the lighting the Super Scarab putty shows different colours
I was also sent this UV sensitive putty. It comes with a little keyring light that changes the colour of the putty as you can see below. The girls have enjoyed drawing on this as well as writing their names.
The final putty is the one I have loved the most. The heat changing putty goes from purple to pink when heated. Just by rolling it in your hand will change the colour. We only received a small tin of this which is a shame as it is the one the girls have really enjoyed playing with. I think it is because of the extremely visual changes.