Concept the game – Blogger Board Game Club

This month for the Blogger Board Game Club we were sent Concept which I saw at the Toy Fair in January. Concept is for ages 10 plus and can be played with 4 plus players as it should be played in teams of two. In Concept, the goal is to guess the words using the icons on the board. One team choose the word/phrase from the card and the other players have to guess.

The Concept box contains 1 game board with icons, 5 sets of pawns and cubes (consisting of a green question mark and 4 exclamation marks), 110 concept cards, lightbulb tokens in single and double points, 4 player aid sheets and a bowl for storing the cubes.

The 110 concept cards each include 9 words. The cards include 3 easy words, 3 hard words and 3 challenging words.

The different coloured pawns are used to mark the main concept and sub-concepts. You then use the cubes to add different icons to help the other players to guess your word based on these icons, concept and sub concepts.

Confused yet? It really is a lot easier to play than it is to explain. There are 4 player aid cards which allow you to work out what each of the icons means and help you to plan our where to play the pawns and cubes.

The below is an example of one of the words that we played at the weekend

Main Concept (green question mark) – Film based on a male fictional character who is big and green.

SubConcept (red exclamation mark) – Country with a blue and white crossed flag (Scottish) accent

SubConcept (Yellow exclamation mark) – Loves a green female

The answer is Shrek.

I played this with friends and my girls. As long as we stuck to the easier words then my girls were really good but the best thing about this game is you can get really complex. It is best to play this game with people of the same intellect as you or at least in mixed teams to ensure it is fair.

We look forward to receiving the next Blogger Board Game Club game.