5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Summer Ready

The snow has gone – finally – and the temperatures are starting to creep upwards a little. Thankfully, with a bit more sunshine, it’s now feeling more Spring-like and before you know it, Summer will be here. That means you can enjoy spending time outside with your family, instead of being cooped up indoors. That being said, a new season can make you think about your home’s interior. So, if you’ve got the renovation itch, here are 5 ways to make your bedroom summer ready.

Go Lighter

While you could bring in some lighter colours, this doesn’t only refer to paint. This is because the Winter can leave your bedroom feeling a bit bulky, with thick winter quilts, blankets and throws. So, to prepare for the warmer season, put away your chunky bedding and bring out thinner, more delicate options. This will instantly make your bedroom feel season-appropriate.

Boost Sunlight

During the colder months, your home can feel dark due to the lack of sunlight. As the Summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to harness the amount of natural light in your bedroom. To do this, choose curtains in pale tones (like these from Direct Blinds), make sure there’s no furniture obstructing windows, and consider hanging mirrors to bounce light around the room.

Inject Colour

When it comes to Summer, it’s all about colour. Fashion takes on a more playful, vibrant twist, and interior trends become more fun, too. As such, adding some colour to your bedroom can make it feel more summery. However, if you’re not a bold colour fan, don’t worry. There are loads of ways to inject colour, from earthy and muted pastel tones, all the way to bright paints and prints.

Add Nature

What’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your bedroom Summer ready? By adding a little greenery, of course. Adding plants and flowers to your room can make it feel refreshed, revamping it for the season. Choose large floor plants for drama, brightly coloured flowers for a bright statement, or go for air purifying plants like aloe vera.

Think Breezy

Let’s face it, we don’t really get the hottest summers in the UK. That being said, when the temperatures do increase, it can quickly become hot and stuffy indoors. To avoid this, consider ways you can cool your bedroom. This includes adding a  fan, choosing thin cotton bedding, or putting cold water in your hot water bottle.

There are loads of ways you can add summer vibes to your bedroom. Try these easy tips to get you started.