Club Petz Spitzy by Susan K Mann

The Club Petz toys are always great fun and kids love them, this time we tried out Club Petz Spitzy the Llama to review. He is a funny little furry Llama who makes funny chewing noises and laughs, not only that, fill him with water and you can add some water fun into the mix. What more could a kid ask for?

Spitzy has soft fur, which makes him friendly to those who want to give him a wee hug. The chewing noises might get on some people’s nerves if they don’t like that kind of noise, but it is funny. Just like a noisy Llama chewing on the grass. He burps and laughs away. He can’t help but make you smile.

Spitzy requires 3 x AA batteries which are included, but they are tester batteries so they will need to be replaced. To do so, you open the Velcro at the bottom and replace with a screwdriver. Also, when you take Spitzy out the box, you will have to undo the Velcro at the bottom and change him from try me mode to on. There is an on-off switch for when the noise does get out of hand. When you switch to on, he will start chewing and laughing.  The chewing is in a funny circular motion which adds to the fun. I think he’d be spilling his dinner all over the place.

Next, you want to add in water for the water spitting fun. To do so, I would recommend you use a cup as it’s a bit fiddly to fill up. The water chamber is on the left-hand leg about halfway up and the lid pops off for you to fill. It doesn’t take a lot of water. You use his left-hand foot to press to spray the water out of his mouth. The water spits out further than I thought so maybe just gentle at first until you try it out. And away the giggles.

For snuggle time at bedtime, it might be best if you empty the water out, don’t want anyone getting wet during the night, do you? It doesn’t hold a lot of water, so don’t worry if you don’t. I was surprised by how soft his fur and body were.

We think Spitzy the Llama is a lot of fun. He has added extras from the usual plush toy in the water spray, laughing and chewing. He even makes yawning noises when he’s not been played with. He would make a great gift for someone this Christmas and is super soft to hug. It would make for a fun Christmas afternoon of giggling and water spraying.

Disclaimer:- We were sent this for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.