Clementoni Crazy Pots

When we were sent this craft set I thought “wow they look fantastic” well it seems that they only look like that if you are one of these magical master of crafts people. Unfortunately our Crazy pots definitely went down the crazy route.
I made a mistake here as I asked Gaming Daddy of Two to do the craft with the girls. After not really reading all of the instructions and covering the pots in clay he forgot to make sure you could remove the plastic post afterwards.

Then we came to sticking bits onto the posts we struggled as all the bits kept falling off. We followed the instructions about using water and after lots of frustrating attempts we got the glue out of the drawer instead.
Now dont get me wrong the girls had lots of fun but I was really disappointed with this set. It had clay, shaping tools, two small pots, some paints and a paintbrush to make your pots. It also contained some peat discs, a pipette and some seeds for when they were made. Not bad for a RRP of £12.99 but the pots were a lot smaller than I expected and the peat discs wouldn’t even go down to the bottom.  I also found the girls struggled with the waiting time for the clay to dry and some quick air drying clay might have been better. The kit is described as crazy pots and really they are not very crazy (well ours look a bit bonkers but the box ones look good). I am not sure what I was expecting but I failed to be over whelmed by this product which is a real shame.  

It is aimed at children aged 7 plus so if your children are of an age where waiting a day between activities is ok and they are artistic and crafty then they will more than likely enjoy this kit but I would recommend you buy a bigger plastic post to mould from as these are too small to add more detail on or grown very much in and it would be better to do one or two bigger pots rather than lots of smaller ones.