Have you ever heard of Innuendo Bingo?

You know when you hear something on the TV or the radio and you think to yourself, did they really just say that or did I hear them wrong? Well it seems that I have been missing out on an amazingly funny game which is part of the Scott Mills show on Radio 1.

Listeners of the show send in clips of radio broadcasts or TV shows which contain innuendos, things that the presenters may not have realised they have said or just our dirty minds playing tricks on us. With these clips Scott Mills invites celebrities to join in Innuendo Bingo. They sit opposite another person with water in their mouths and the aim is not to laugh and spray water all over their opponent.

Now obviously this would not be as funny if it was just on the radio so lucky for us you can view it on the BBC website and catch it on YouTube, there is a whole section on the BBC Radio 1 channel just for Innuendo Bingo!

Here is my favourite clip from the ones I have watched so far. I dare you not to laugh!