Chimp and Zee games please my little monkeys

When I attended a Christmas in July event earlier this month I met some great companies, one of the companies that stood out for me as a mum and as a childminder was Paul Lamond. Now say that name to my hubby and he thinks Subbuteo but I am talking about there Chimp and Zee games range.

We were lucky enough to receive three of their games recently, Silly socks, Pesky pirates and Who’s the princess. I was so impressed with these games that I actually want to buy the whole range.

With quality pieces and really good game play each game is completely different yet still easy to understand.

As a childminder I know that these games will last a while because the pieces are made of really thick card and the boards and other accessories are great too.

There are some great discounts on Amazon at the moment for the Chimp and Zee range