Play Factore Jubilee Fun

As you can guess from the title this post has taken a long time coming. We were lucky enough to be invited to Play Factore in Manchester to celebrate the jubilee festivities with them.

Now I would normally say if you have seen one soft play area then you have seen them all but in play factore’s case it is more than just a soft play area. Think of this as a play experience for adults as well as children. When I originally saw the prices I was shocked that they charged the adults to enter but actually we had so much fun playing on the equipment too.

My husband hates soft play areas and I literally dragged him along to this one with the promise of going to the Old Trafford Megastore afterwards. Ever since we have been though he has been telling everyone (and I mean everyone) about it and even though he is as tight as his dad (which believe me is really tight) he would still be willing to go back and actually pay this time.

The smaller toddler area was the best I have ever seen, with teh equipment just downsized rather than basic. It had great slides, an interactive play panel and an amazing sensory area as well as a little tykes track and cars.

The one thing we loved more than the 40 metre long slide or the 15 metre high play frame was the food. The pizza’s looked and smelt divine but we went for pasta, the girls had spaghetti bolognese and we had chicken and chorizo meatballs, it was all cooked fresh and was absolutely gorgeous. I mean it was the sort of quality you expect from an expensive italian restaurant and to top it all off they have decent coffee and amazing desserts!

Our kids were a bit young for some areas but Play Factore also includes a Lazer Tag arena and Electric Go Karts all of which are available for over 5’s.

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