ChillFactor Jelly Maker

We have reviewed a few ChillFactor products including the Slushie maker and Ice Cream maker so when we were offered the chance to make Jelly in minutes I knew we had to say yes.

To prove just how fool proof these things are I handed it over to Gaming Daddy of two and I have to say even he was impressed.

Depending on the type of jelly you use you either follow the packets instructions (fast setting jelly) or half the amount of water stated on the packet instructions (normal jelly). We used normal jelly and as you can see there was just enough to fill the bowl. Now this did mean that the kids were fighting over who was going to eat the jelly first but with a bit of pre planning you could make two lots in fairly quick succession or I suppose you could always have more than one Jelly maker!
The ChillFactor jelly maker works in much the same way as the others. You freeze the bottom part add the liquid jelly mixture and squeeze. Then you turn it upside down and the jelly sets in the bowl.

I found that using half the water actually made the jelly nicer as it was stronger in flavour. If you get fed up waiting for jelly then this is definitely a winner in the super quick jelly making process!