Cheeky Shoes


I have fat feet and so I live in trainers or converse. I dont have any girly flat shoes and the few times in my life when I have had them they hurt my feet a lot.

Cheeky Shoes are not liek that though. Made from a stretchy material they mould around your feet which makes them extremely comfortable. Being able to see the contours of my toes did seem a bit weird but then I am definitely not a foot person and toes are just creepy.

I cant wait for them to bring these out in Black. That way I can wear them all summer long without worrying if they will clash with my outfit or not.

They have some fab new designs coming soon which you can find out more about over on their blog.

So if you are after super comfy shoes to get you through the summer you should check them out after all if they fit my feet they should fit yours!