Guest Post: Thrifty Online Shopping

I’d be the first to admit that having access to the internet and my bank card nearby isn’t necessarily a good thing for me as far as saving money is concerned. But when you’re busy, going out onto the high street can be a real struggle – especially if it means trawling around shops looking for one specific thing.
It’s so much easier to find what you want online, which can sometimes leave you more inclined to spend! But if you do it the right way, the ease of online shopping can make being thrifty not that difficult at all. Here’s a few of my tips:

Set a budget

This is an obvious point, but one which needs to be made. As with everything, set a budget for your online spending. Be realistic with yourself and remember to incorporate online spending into your budget for buying things like food and clothing online.

I found some pretty good advice on Age UK that’s definitely worth a look.

The little things that make a big difference!

It’s not just buying things online where you can save money – there’s plenty of stuff offline you need to consider too.

Making little savings like on gift tags and wrapping paper can really cut the cost after buying a gift online – especially if there are lots of things to wrap. After you order your groceries online, have a look round for some cheap and easy recipes to make every penny count.

Make a note

When you do go out and find something you like in a shop, it’s not always so thrifty to buy it there and then. Make a note of it, and see if you can find it online for cheaper – a simple way of doing this is to type in the style and name of the item and do a Google shopping search. I’ve spent much less on plenty of things by doing this.

Discount codes

If there’s one great thing about shopping online, it’s the access to discount codes and vouchers.

I’ve got discounts on so many things I buy online just by checking discount voucher code sites first. If you’re doing some online shopping, make sure you look round for discount codes before making the purchase.