Chasin’ Cheeky


We are huge lovers of the Elefun range of games from Hasbro so being sent Chasin’ Cheeky to review was a highlight for the girls. Chasin’ Cheeky is really easy to put together and requires two 1.5v C batteries. It comes with 3 yellow rings, 3 green rings and a banana.

Chasin’ cheeky is a cheeky monkey that gets you to chase him around the room tossing your rings onto his tail. The first player to toss all of their rings onto Cheekys tail gets to grab his banana out of his mouth but watch out because when you take his banana he gets extra cheeky and shakes his bum at you!

The girls found this particularly hilarious and spent a good ten minutes just removing the banana from his mouth to get him to wiggle his bottom at them!

A brilliant game that would be perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning coordination whilst still being fun for older children too!

You do need a good clear space for Cheeky to move around in to prevent the kids banging into each other.


Chasin’ Cheeky certainly is cheeky!