Will we make it to Lapland?

I have been keeping a secret. Well its more that I didn’t want to say anything in case it didn’t happen. This Thursday Elizabeth and I are flying off to Lapland for the day with some other children from the hospital. We will be making snow balls, riding on sleighs and meeting Santa.

We have been really lucky and a few companies have wanted us to review some bits for them that are just perfect for a trip to Lapland. Heat holders have given me some gloves and Aldi have given Elizabeth some Ski trousers and a Ski jacket. We are really looking forward to our trip but it did get me thinking about what I was going to wear. Apparently layers are the way to go so I managed to get myself some waterproof trousers and a nice waterproof windproof coat. I just need to work out what to wear underneath. I think I need to get myself some more womens leggings (there are some particularly festive ones on the Mary Jane fashion website!) and I might wear some tracksuit bottoms over the top of them before hiding it all inside my waterproofs.

As we will be starting in the UK on a hot plane I will start in just my leggings and I definitely think some lovely reindeer ones will get me in the mood. to be fair I will need all the help I can get as 4am in the morning is far too early for me to be awake and moving let alone at an airport surrounded by happy kids.
Our only issue at the moment is making sure that Elizabeth is well enough to go on Thursday. She has given antibiotics today for Tonsillitis and if her temperature goes up we might not be able to go. So far tonight things seem to be going well though so fingers crossed she makes it to Thursday without getting any worse. We are going to Lapland thanks to all the lovely people from When you wish upon a star. Every year they take planes full of sick children from all over the country to experience this magical day. Unfortunately it is just the sick child and one adult and we are sad to be leaving Alison behind but I have a special treat in store for her on Christmas Eve. All the children from the hospital are very excited (as our the accompanying nurses) and I know it will make some amazing memories.

I will take some great photos for you and share them as soon as I can, I know you will be desperate to see where the real Santa lives, I wonder if we will see Rudolph too?

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