Character World make Blockbuster bedding

I love the feeling of new bedding and I am pretty sure I am not alone but to me I don’t really mind what it looks like. However where the girls are concerned they love having bedding that reflects their current interests. Gone are the days of Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig as they are both growing up and refusing to allow us to use those duvet sets anymore.

Thanks to Character World we have been able to keep them happy with some new bedding in keeping with their style. In fact although we were sent an Avengers set for Alison and a Disney Princess set for Elizabeth I made the mistake of allowing then to have a look at more of the choices and it seems that they also wish to add their collections with the Star Wars set and Cinderella set respectively. As well as the actual duvet and pillowcase sets, Character World also manufacture matching cushions that seem to be the girls favourite bits. In fact, I loved the soft avengers one so much I tried to steal it for my office chair but Alison wasn’t having any off it.

One thing I have realised is that now the girls are both in high sleeper beds it is really hard to take decent photos of their beds! Even using my selfie stick it didnt seem to work very well but here you go.
As you can see from these pictures both sets include a large image on one side that matches the cushion and then the other side features a pattern that ties in with the pillow case.
The sets wash really well and the girls are over the moon with them and it seems that sometimes all you need to make a room special again is some new bedding and a matching cushion.