Pssst did you hear Orange is the New Black Season three is now on Netflix #Streamteam

Last year I lost many hours of my time watching the first two series of orange is the new black. It was fairly typical of me to avoid the hype of a new show and wait until there was a few seasons to watch before knuckling down to enjoy the ride and boy did I enjoy it. In fact when I came to the end of season two I took to twitter to share my anguish and was told to watch a whole of of other shows that were also available. As much as I tried nothing kept my attention and I soon stopped watching anything at all. 

Now this was great for my to do list but I was missing my tv time and with just two series that I watch on record on Sky I have not been spending very much time with the tv switched on.

Lucky for me this is about to change. I still have some more work to catch up on that is lingering on my to do list but once they are clear I will be settling down and making myself comfortable for season three. 

I know that many people have already watched it all and as I avoid the #OITNB hashtag and any talk of the show so I don’t accidently see any spoilers I know it is only a matter of time so I have to watch it soon.

Do you have a show that makes you excited to catch the next episode? What is your favourite Netflix series?