Cartoon Stripz – Moshi Monsters


Cartoon Stripz are a fabulous invention that I found at the Toy Fair in January.

I begged to be sent some and Elizabeth was so happy when they arrived last week.

Twist and pull the accessories, buildings and characters and place them on there bases and then play with them.


Moshi House

A great way to bring the online game to life. There are lots of different sets that work together. Including a Moshi house made up of one large set and two mediums sets and Main Street made up on one large set and two medium sets.

Main Street

They come with the backgrounds, and loads of accessories plus the Moshi Monsters themselves.  You can also get small sets featuring one Moshi Monster and between three and five Moshlings.
The girls have loved playing with these and have made up all sorts of missions to take part in. Stimulating their imagination and allowing them to play together. It also means they have not been pestering me to go onto Moshi Monsters online quite as much.

We received these for the purpose of this review