Capsule Chix Dolls Ultimix 4 pack

Capsule Chix Dolls are made of multiple pieces that you mix and match to create your own special look. We were sent the Capsule Chix Ultimix 4 pack which has over 60 pieces and features 4 exclusive dolls.

The Capsule Chix Ultimatix 4 pack packaging is amazing. You turn the twisty knob and the capsules come out of the bottom. The Capsules are colour coordinated so you know what style you have and can match them up easily.

The four styles are Giga Glam, Ram Rock, Sweet Circuits and CTRL+ALT+MAGIC. Each of them have their own features and styles which make them unique.

Giga Glam is all about glitter, sparkle and metallics

Ram Rock is based on neons, studs and metallics

Sweet Circuits is based on bold bright sweet colours

CTRL+ALT+MAGIC is based around pastels iridescent fantasy

Opening the 60 capsules involves a lot of plastic but thankfully you only need to throw away the pink bags as you can reuse the capsules in the box and keep playing with it.

You get enough pieces to construct four amazing dolls and you can either create them in the traditional way as shown below or you can mix and match the pieces to create your own styles.

You can get Capsule Chix in smaller packs where you can choose a style and purchase the appropriate box. There are 8 heads available for each of the styles not including the exclusive Ultimix heads in this pack. You also collect a variety of bodies, legs, shoes and accessories with over 400 pieces to collect in total. The dolls also come with a stand that holds on to their legs and allows you to display them if you want to do so using the lids from some of the capsules.

Building the Capsule Chix were a little bit fiddly in places depending on the clothing and what pieces you were trying to connect but the kids had less difficulty with their smaller fingers. Overall we would recommend Capsule Chix. They look great have a fun unboxing element that can be reused and offer enough personalisation through style choices that you can find one that suits your childs style.