Celebrate World Dream Day with Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods

Ever since Elizabeth saw the Bush Babies advert for the first time she has been desperate to get her hands on one and I can’t blame her as they are super cute. If you have not heard of Bush Babies before they are super cute creatures from an animated web show. Bush Babies live in different places within Bush Baby world but the webisodes concentrate on the adventures of the Dreamstar Bush Babies who look after the Dream Tree and ensure that the magical Dream Dust is sent out into the world to give us all sweet dreams. It is a lovely concept and there are currently 9 webisodes to watch on their Youtube channel.

To celebrate World Dream Day today we have been sent one of the brand new Sleepy pods with Bush Baby. We received Adero who is a little rascal and is always being a bit mischievous and telling jokes. There are lots of different Bush Babies to collect.

The Sleepy pod has a leaf shaped door that can be opened and closed and the pod can be hung up using the hook shape on the top. If you have the Dream Tree playset then the sleepy pod can be added to that.

The bush babies are soft fluffy plush creatures with hard heads. In the back of their heads is a small hole where you can insert a finger and wiggle it up and down. This will move the Bush Babies eyes and ears.

There are a variety of different Bush Baby products available including the Bush Baby Dreamstar characters, Bush Baby Shimmer characters, Bush Baby Shimmer Princess Melina, Bush Baby and Sleepy Pod and the Bush Baby Dream Tree. I can imagine that a lot of young children will love the Bush Babies and I don’t think it will be long before we see longer episodes available and they may even make their way onto our tv screens very soon.