Top Trumps Match Harry Potter Game

We love Harry Potter, we love Top Trumps and we love playing games together so when we were at Autumn Fair and came across the Top Trumps Match Harry Potter game it ticked all of the boxes and my girls actually stopped and played it for around 10 minutes. Top Trumps Match the crazy cube game is a two player game from Winning moves that is recommended for children aged 4 plus and is expected to take around 15 minutes to play.

The game includes 25 character cubes with 6 characters on each cube, you also received 15 character cards and a plastic game grid which actually turns into a handy storage unit which makes this game extremely portable as the all in one carry case keeps the game secure and allows you to take it anywhere with you. There is even a special slot at the top for the character cards. I absolutely love the attention to detail that has gone into the case that allows you to get rid of the box and is every parents dream come true.

This really easy to understand simple to play game requires memory skills, concentration and the ability to adapt all whilst messing around with cubes covered in your favourite characters and hearing the other player groan.

The aim of the game is really simple, create a line of the same character before the other player by pushing the blocks through to the other side. You can match the 5 character cubes horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It sounds easy doesn’t it! However it soon gets frustrating when the other player keeps pushing your characters out so the ability to adapt and play tactically is a huge advantage. Even when you think you have won you might still have lost as each player gets two  character cards that they are not allowed to look at. When one player has successfully completed their line of characters the losing player turns over their cards and if they have the matched character then they snatch the victory and win the game!

Top Trumps Match is available in different versions but Harry Potter is definitely our favourite. However if you liked the idea of the game but not this version then you can also get it in Disney Princess, Shopkins, Star Wars, Avengers, DC Comics, Despicable Me 3 and Candy crush. Check out the Winning Moves website for more information.

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