Brainbox games

I love memory games so the brainbox products are perfect for me. When I went to Toy Fair I was amazed at the variety of brainbox games available. There really is a brainbox suitable for everyone and by choosing the right one you can really get the kids interested in playing.

We were sent two fabulous sets to review. The Once upon a time set and the new Mister Maker Colour and Create set.


Alison is a huge fan of classic stories so the Once upon a time set worked really well for her. To play you choose a card and turn over the included timer. Whilst the timer is running you study the card and try to remember as many details as possible. Once the timer has finished you pass the card to another player and roll the dice. Using the number of the dice you answer the corresponding question. If you get it right you get to keep the card, if wrong it returns to the box. The winner is the one with the most cards.

It sounds easy enough but with some tricky questions on things you would never even have thought to look at can you remember all of the details on the card?


The Colour and Create box is slightly different in the fact that all of the cards have yet to be coloured in. This is the chance to get creative after all Mister Maker has pink hair right? The Mister Maker Colour and Create box has a variety of Mister Maker themed cards in it as well as some more generic pictures. Whilst at the Toy Fair I saw Mister Maker go head to head with the creator of Brainbox and win which shows that this is a game suitable for everyone and one that can be picked up very easily.