My girls love playing on the ipad and apart from all the educational apps that we have downloaded on there we have a few game type apps. One of the newest apps we have downloaded is the Cupets App. The App is free but you need to pay for each pet that you adopt.

You can buy a pet in two ways. You can buy the pet in game for £5.99 or you can buy the physical cupet for £6.99.


We were sent Soup the Cupet Fish. These Cute and quirky cube shaped pets are very sturdy although I did find that the AR code on the top could become damaged easily. Soup the Cupet fish comes to life on your smart device in two ways. On the app you can play fun games and enter the Cupets World where you nurture your Cupet, feed, bath and care for them. You can also use the camera to trigger the AR which allows your device to read the code on your cupet and bring them to life on your screen. I found that the AR was not very reliable but the girls had more than enough fun with the app side of cupets to make up for it.

The app features lots of games including Cupets world, Cupets run, Cu-match, hue-pets and cu totem. One of the games (Cu totem) is not available to play if you only have one cupet unlocked which is slightly annoying.

In the fun section you can play volleyball with your cupet or get him to read, play with a bouncing ball or train (do exercises). You can even tickle him with a feather.

One of the brilliant functions is being able to take a photo of your cupet after changing its face, you can also make it hold up a sign which you can type out for it.  

To feed your cupet you need to buy food, to do this you need coins. The coins can either be bought via the shop or you can play games like volleyball to gain more coins. Your cupet will send alerts to your smart device to let you know what it needs and you can  also check the health bars at the side that see how your Cupet is feeling.

My girls have both enjoyed looking after Soup and they are desperate to collect the other characters in the range. They might have to save up their pocket money first though.