Bloopies Mermaid

We’ve got mermaids adorning our walls, we have mermaid bedding and even matching mermaid coasters… it’s fair to say this house is mermaid mad! So without any hesitation, we agreed to review Bloopies Mermaids which are dubbed as: “Your new bath time friends!

“These beautiful mermaids just love playing in the bath. They squirt water out of their mouth when you press their belly and they can even blow bubbles when you play with them in your bubble bath!”

My 4-year-old daughter Arianna excitedly unboxed her first Bloopies Mermaid which is a simple yet effective bath time toy.

There are 6 dolls to collect and Arianna had received the pink one which comes with a mini snail.

She enjoyed playing with it as a doll before taking it into the bath.

The Mermaid’s tail changes colour when immersed in water which Arianna got excited about. She also started to squirt water with the mermaid and had fun playing with the doll in the bath.

It feels like a durable toy too which is just as well as Arianna and my eldest daughter Jasmine, 7, were fighting over their new mermaid friend.

Bloopies Mermaids are for children over 18 months.

This would be ideal as a Christmas present or as a stocking filler.

By Sophie Mei Lan