Flying Fairies by Flutterbye


When we were at the Argos Christmas in July last week there was one toy that Elizabeth fell in love with.

Flutterbye Fairies is not only one of the Argos top 12 toys but it is one that we have fallen in love with as a family too.

From the shocked expressions that appeared on Hubby’s and Godfathers face when they were mesmerised by the technology involved in the fairy to the huge smiles on the girls faces or the look of terror from the kittens, Flutterbye fairies have made a huge impact on the whole family.

Although my pictures were taken in the garden it is recommended that the fairy is used indoors only.

The fairy takes off from the base at the press of a button and hovers around using just your hand to steer it. It is easy to use and easy to charge. Once charged the fairy lasts quite a while before it needs charging again which is great for the kids who would get frustrated if it kept running out of charge. The wings are made from soft plastic and even when it crashes into you it doesn’t hurt.

I would recommend using in a clear space as it does occasionally crash into the walls and surfaces and any ornaments could be in danger.

This is a huge hit in our house and looks like it is here to stay as Elizabeth has declared it the best toy ever!