Beasts of Balance

We love playing games as a family and the girls love using technology so finding a game that uses technology and is fun to play together as a family is a real break through. I first heard about Beasts of Balance last year and I have been desperate to get my hands on it and teach it to my kids.

In the Box you will find

1 Plinth

6 Beast Artefacts

2 Miracle Artefacts

3 Migrate Artefacts
3 Cross Artefacts

10 Element Artefacts

You will also need the Free Beasts of Balance iOS and Android App which is required to play.

To play Beasts of Balance you need to download the app and scan the various pieces onto the base as you build the tower by balancing them on top of each other. You will see the pieces come to life in the app as they are placed and if the tower falls down you need to rush to put all the pieces back on before the volcano explodes to destroy the world you have created.

The different pieces have different uses and have different effects on the world that you are creating.

The six beast artefacts are the shark, the octopus, the warthog, the eagle, the Toucan and the Bear. The animals live in different environments and need caring for in different ways as their life runs down. You can also use some of the other pieces to create fantastic hybrid creatures (the cross) or make them migrate to different locations (the arrow).

You also get two miracle artefacts – Haste and Distraction and ten element artefacts to represent Earth, Air, Water and Fire which are used to nurture and enhance your beasts.

Beasts of Balance is a game of strategy and skill as you help your characters to evolve in the app whilst balancing the artefacts carefully on the plinth base. It is a co-operative game for one to five players and the aim is to create a wonderful world using the various artefacts whilst nurturing your beasts. Stacking the artefacts is a real challenge as they are all very unusual in shape but you don’t want to just stack them any old way as the way they are stacked interferes with the world that you are creating and nurturing so not only do you need to work out how to stack them but you need to place them carefully to get the results that you want.

We love Beasts of Balance and both of my girls have become obsessed with playing with it and cross breeding the various creatures to create new beasts. They are already talking about buying some of the expansion packs to make the game even more fun and I cant blame them with the LalnaLion and Omnibeast to add to the collection it would certainly bring a new dimension to the game.

We definitely recommend this to people who love a challenge and technology based games. It is quick enough to play in less than half an hour but complicated enough that you will never play the same game twice.  Suitable for ages 7 to 100 it really is fun for all the family. The plinth uses 3 AA batteries which means that it is really portable as there are no wires needed making it a great game to take with you on your adventures.

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