Battroborg Warrior – Battle arena set

Never have I witnessed such a high energy battle between my girls but Battroborg seems to bring out the destructive energy!

A plastic battle arena with two Battroborg warriors included. In this epic battle Samurai takes on Ninja to see who will be champion.

I saw Battroborg last year at Dream Toys and it was certainly looking popular so it was good to actually get a chance to have a play with it.

The warriors are motion controlled by the wireless controller that looks like the handle of a sword. The movements you make the warrior copies. It is quite a delicate operation and if you swing to fast or get to enthusiastic it wont work very well but measured, thought out movements are perfect for winning any battle.

Battroborg warriors come in other designs including vikings and knights and they are customisable with different weapons which gives the warrior a different fighting style.

We have had lots of fun with this and I would definitely recommend it for children aged 7 plus as I think below this age they dont understand that slow precision movements is best.