Barbie Chelsea Flippin’ pup pool playset

Elizabeth was very excited to see the Barbie Chelsea Flippin’ pup pool playset arrive in our house last week as this was on her Christmas list.

It was really simple to put together and the girls were able to start playing pretty much straight away which is always a bonus.

The Flippin’ pup pool playset is obviously all about the flips that the pups can do. There are two ways to do this. The first is the diving board which you can use to catapult the pups into the pool and the second is the slide which works with one of the dogs to do a really amazing flip.
You need to push the dogs back legs in like the first photo below. Then as it comes down the slide the catch at the bottom hits the button underneath the dog and the back legs flip out causing the dog to fly into the air, do a somersault and splash into the pool.
It really is quite impressive to see especially seen as it is such a simple concept. The Flippin’ pup pool playset comes with a small Chelsea doll, the flippin’ pup, two floating pups and a floating pup bed as well as the pool, diving board and the slide. Chelsea’s rubber ring and the two floating pups can also be used to squirt water at each other.  It is a great playset for any Barbie fan and even those who like dogs.