Awesome books from Autumn Publishing

Recently I discovered a really great book publisher called Autumn publishing. They have the most fantastic variety of books I have ever seen from a publishing house and so I asked for a variety to show you exactly what I mean. All of these books were chosen from the Autumn Childrens books website.


Homework and learning books are always a favourite in our house and not just with us parents. The girls love practicing there writing, drawing or mathematics skills and showing us what they can do.

This book has fantastic pen control activities as well as a brilliant way of explaining things in easy to understand language.

One example is letters with tails, the book explains curly, straight and pointy tails for the letters g, j, y, p and q. This made complete sense to Elizabeth and she no longer gets them mixed up. A fantastic resource that gets harder as you go through the book.


Ok so this may look like any other colouring book but it is full of very simple but attractive pictures that show it coloured in and then blank. The blank pictures also have raised outlines so the children can feel the edge of the drawing.

This book is fabulous for Alison who is really at the stage where she wants to stay within the lines more but is still struggling with the pen control needed for colouring.

There are 11 pictures of animals to colour in and each one is set on a lovely patterned background and some have additional bits to colour in.


As soon as I saw this I knew we will have to use it to make a christmas present for one of the grand parents. With twelve months to colour in and lots of stickers to mark special days and even a pocket at the back to store important pieces of paper this will make a fantastic personalised gift.

It is also useful if you needed to start a calendar straight away as non of the months are marked so you dont need to wait until January to use it.


A set of four Smellessence books that tell the life of the Splotz. With Bubbles (bubblegum), Blossom (cherry), Splitz (banana) and Ice (mint) they each have their own adventures.

You have to be careful though because if they giggle, blush, gets too hot or goes too fast they go Splotz and the smell comes bursting out.

Each book comes with nine scented and nine non scented stickers. Some of the smells were stronger than others with Splitz book not very strong but his stickers smelt fantastic. The other three were really good with Blossom being my favourite but Elizabeth loves Bubbles and Alison loved Ice.


These fantastic activity books contain so much to do that they are perfect for taking on holiday (which is exactly what we are going to do with them). With spot the differences, mazes, colouring, drawing, wordsearch, making things and stickers (including some smelly stickers) there is enough to keep a little on entertained for hours.

These are perfect for the ages that the girls are now (4 and 5) and apart from the wordsearch which might require some help everything else is easy to understand.


Another smelly book but this time it is included in a relatively normal story. Theo the dog has lost his sense of smell and goes to the seaside to see if he can find it. Unfortunately he doesn’t but you the reader can sniff the candyfloss, suncream and grass as he goes about his adventure.

It really is a fantastic book that brings the story to life in an amazing sensory way that I never thought possible. Just rub the picture gently to release the fabulous smells.

I really have fallen in love with the books available from Autumn publishing and I hope this post has made you feel the same. I am already looking at the other ranges they have on offer to decide which ones should go in the girls stockings. The Clever books range looks like nothing I have ever seen before and the classic story side would really appeal to Alison.