Three books the girls have loved


Underpants Wonderpants is on the case saving the world with super underpants power. Using Underpants Wonderpants zooms around the world preventing disasters in a fantastic rhyming laugh out loud story.

From rescuing the queen with an underpants paracute to putting out a fire with water scooped up in a pair of underpants it is amazing what you can use underpants for.

Alison in particular loved this book and if your kids love aliens love underpants or similar books then they will love Underpants Wonderpants. You can also get Underpants Thunderpants.


Bringing Rastamouse into the current world this rhyming story tells the tale of a naughty hacker mouse who steals all the money from the bank so he can own the latest cool gadgets. Rastamouse and da easy crew solve the mystery, get all the money back and find the mouse in question a perfect job so he can earn money to allow him to buy all of his gadgets.

There is nothing quite like rhyming a story whilst sounding like a Jamaican and the kids love it too.

So Whaa gwaan, mi cyant believe da storee dat tis book tells!


Although the girls know how to count Alison’s number recognition is not as good as I would have hoped at this age so this book is fantastic for that.

We read it together with Elizabeth practicing some of the more basic words whilst Alison reads the numbers and does the counting. We do have some fighting over who gets to lift the flaps but that will always be the case with these sort of books.

The story tells of an adventurous day counting things that Poppy Cat and friends see. It includes flaps and cut out pieces and lots of fantastic drawings. It is also a very robust book which means I don’t mind the girls reading it themselves as it won’t get damaged.

We received all three books to review