Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision by Hasbro

Alison loves Marvel and she loves technology so the combination of AR into a Marvel themed toy is exactly the sort of thing she would enjoy and the Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision by Hasbro does not disappoint.

We were sent the Iron Man Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision helmet to put to the test and after downloading the special Hero Vision app that you need and handing over my phone to the kids they soon got to testing. I will say that you need to make sure that your phone is compatible with the helmet due to the size of the phone grip. They list some of the phones that are compatible but they also have a template where if your phone fits in the template then you should be fine. It is the larger models of phones that are not able to fit inside the helmet.

The Hero Vision app allows you to enjoy an augmented reality experience where you need to save the city from Thanos, there are different levels to play which keeps you playing for longer and you need to be stood up to play. Due to the Augmented Reality app, this is recommended for age 8 plus which makes the Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision helmet perfect for an older superhero-loving child.

The Hero Vision helmet needs assembling when you remove it from the box but it is easy enough to add the phone and slot it all together. You can adjust the headband to hold it in place and it is very comfortable. You will need to remove the headband to fit it back in the box.

When you are ready to play you lay out the AR discs around the room as these will be where the Augmented Reality appears. Make sure you have lots of space when you play so that the person playing doesn’t trip or hurt themselves when they have the helmet on.

Included in the pack is one infinity stone which can be placed on the AR Gauntlet. You can find additional infinity stones in packs with the range of Avengers Infinity War 6-inch figures. Each of these infinity stones activates different powers such as slowing down time.

The augmented reality experience is really cool and it features music and sound effects as well as the visuals. We really enjoyed playing with the Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision helmet and as it was a fairly active game Alison got lots of exercise without even realising it.

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