Aveeno products and getting kids to look after their skin

When Elizabeth was younger she had really bad eczema and it was a real struggle to put cream on her. We used to use the Aveeno lotion and oil from her bath as well as hydrocortisone when needed. Getting her to stay still and understand why we had to put the cream on was a real struggle.

Obviously after everything she has been through she is now a lot more accepting of what is happening and understands that sometimes we just have to do stuff even if we don’t want too. However thankfully not all children have to learn the same way she did.

Aveeno have recently published their very own childrens book called “The Dry-venture of Ellie & Eddie”

Ellie is a little girl with eczema and dry skin and Eddie is her pet gecko. The book follows them on an adventure as they come across lots of different irritants to both Ellies and Eddies skin before finally Ellie has a lovely soothing bath, puts on her cream and sprays Eddie with his special spray before drifting off to sleep.
The story and the pictures are a great way of explaining to children why their skin gets irritated and who oils, creams and lotions can help to make it better which should hopefully ensure that it will get easier as time goes on.

We were sent the book and products pictured above so I could share with you what I thought and my top tips for caring for eczema. I would say my main tip is to write the child’s name on a sticker on the bottle so it is their special oil/cream/lotion. This makes them feel special. Depending on the age you could also suggest it gives them super skin or similar which seems to get them more enthusiastic about having it applied.