ASK Italian Family meal #RespectThePasta

As a family we love eating out at restaurants and seen as we all enjoy pasta and pizza we couldn’t say no when ASK Italian invites us along to #RespectThePasta in one of their restaurants.

There was an awful lot of choice and it took some deciding before we selected our dinner. Although we were there to #Respectthepasta we could not resist trying the Prima pizza and classic pizza. The girls were given a childrens menu which had a wordsearch and colouring on and they both selected spaghetti with Alison opting to have it plain with olives and Elizabeth wanting spaghetti bolognese.
When the food arrived I was really impressed with the layout, flavours and how quickly it arrived. Each item is cooked from scratch which allows you to change your order, add bits in or take them away. I added some extra chilli to the spicy meat pizza that I ordered and it really added a kick to it when I enjoyed.
The main course was fantastic and we couldnt fault the service we received or the food and we looked forward to trying out the delicious puddings. My favourite had to be the espresso gelato which had a strong yet subtle flavour of coffee that allowed you to enjoy it without the bitterness or overpowering flavours that most coffee ice creams have.
We really enjoyed eating in the ASK Italian restaurant at Bolton Middlebrook. We had fabulous service from the waiting staff and the atmosphere and food was fantastic. The food costs more than we would normally pay for a three course meal for the four of us but then the food was big enough for us to eat one or two courses. I did manage to find some great discount vouchers online too so it is always worth having a search to see what you can find.

Thank you ASK Italian!