A lovely gift from ScentedCandleShop.com

I have a confession, I love candles but not just any old candles. I love good quality nice smelling candles.

A few years ago my mother in law used to host Party Lite candle parties and it started me off on an expensive journey. I realised a candle is not just for convenience but that a good quality candle can make your house smell divine. I soon progressed from arty Lite candles to Yankee candles and have enjoyed sampling all sorts of different flavours. I love getting the votive or tea light sized candles as this way I can have more choice with the scents.

My all time favourite smells are the christmas scents or cherry based smells but I do love a bit of variety. When the
ScentedCandleShop.com offered to send me a selection of candles from their website I knew that I had to ask for some more Yankee Candles. I was really impressed with the variety of smells they had and jumped at the chance to get the Candy Corn one which I have not seen before.

With a huge variety of fabulous smells it was really hard to choose and I will definitely be using the site again to add to my collection.