Asda’s New Roast in the bag Beef Roasting joint

We are joining Asda in the ‘roast revolution’ by breaking the roast free from its Sunday shackles and making it into a convenient mid-week meal too.  To do this we are using the newly launched Butcher’s Selection Simply Roast in the Tray Beef Joint. To cook I had to simply remove the cardboard sleeve, stick the bag in the oven and let the beef stew in a bed of warm, rich juices.

I dont usually cook beef because it expensive and I always seem to over cook it so I was really impressed with how cheap and easy this is. To make our mid week dinner even easier I used my Purifry to create some gorgeous roast potatoes and some frozen steam fresh vegetables which means it really is quick and easy for a mid week roast and gorgeous too.

Once you remove the beef from the over you allow it to rest. One of the best things about this is there is no messy trays to wash up as it cooks in its packaging and then it just goes in the bin.

We all really enjoyed our mid week roast beef dinner and I enjoyed not slaving away in the kitchen for hours. The beef was perfectly cooked and juicy as it was cooked in its juices so it didn’t dry out.