Are we nearly there yet? Travel cards

I don’t know about you but my kids get so bored when we are traveling and we either have the dvd player on if we are on long journeys or kids music if we are on shorter ones but sometimes we need to listen to the sat nav and we need the kids to be able to occupy themselves. It is for these circumstances that the Are We Nearly there yet? travel cards come in very handy!

Dividing the pack between the girls they use their cards to spot things out of the window. When they have found it they keep that card to one side and look for more objects from their cards. At the end of the journey we add up all the points and find out who is the winner. The harder the item to spot the more points the card is worth with points ranging from 1 to 3.

As some of the cards require you to read the instructions I remove these to make it easier for the girls to both be able to understand what they are looking for.  This still makes it fun for them and the harder cards will be added back into the pack the older they get. As the pack is for 6 years plus this just gives Alison who is 4 the chance to play as well.

We have all really enjoyed playing this game and it is now safely stowed in the car for when we need it next!