Disney Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the sequel to the successful game “Epic Mickey”, an exclusive release for the Wii console.  The first game was a commercial success and made excellent use of the Wii remote’s control system.  This second game though has been created for multiple platforms, which I’m sure will please lots of Disney fans out there (especially the older generation who like Steamboat Willie).  I got the chance to play the handheld version on my PS Vita and found that it is identical to the console versions, which is a rare thing to find in gaming.  I know this because we also own the Wii U version.

Like the previous game, players find themselves in a world full of classic and retired Disney cartoons.  The place is called Wasteland, which is being threatened by a series of earthquakes.  The main characters from the previous game (Oswald, Gus, Ortensia and Mad Doctor) decide to invite Mickey back so they can save Wasteland.  The places you visit try to have a dark feel about them but they’ll be some characters that you recognise along the way.

Owing to the front touch screen, the control scheme on the PS Vita is better than the bigger console versions.  Players will need to cover objects and objects in either magic paint or thinner.  Aiming can be troublesome using the analogue stick but the touch screen allows you to press your thumb wherever you wish to spray with paint or thinner.  Epic Mickey 2 is kinda of like a 3D platformer.  Players will need to jump or double jump to reach ledges.  You’ll also be required to complete side quests in order to collect pin badges or bits of scrap metal.

 A new feature for the game is the ability to play 2-player.  It’s simply a drop-in/drop-out system like that used in the Lego games.  If a second player wants to join the fun then they will take control of Oswald, who is present with Mickey throughout the game.  Oswald’s abilities involve using a remote control, quite similar to Mickey’s use of the paint brush, but his most coolest feature is being able to fly using his ears.

This is a very cool game for Mickey Mouse enthusiasts and may be more suited to older children rather than those younger ones brought up on Mickey Mouse Club House.